Whether you’re working with tight budgets or limited resources, professional services companies still need to centralize workflows and be extra efficient, especially when it comes to human resources. Employees and workplace culture are two very important factors when it comes to hiring and retaining people, and keeping your clients happy. By integrating HR and Services, you can keep information on your resources all in one place and keep your information organized by merging all HR information into a cohesive database.

Linking Human Capital Management (HCM), Professional Services Automation (PSA) and your CRM system - called "Peoplecasting" - helps services companies predict and supply the resources needed to meet customer demands and provides services organizations with a just-in-time approach to resource management.

How to manage HR for professional services companies

With FinancialForce Peoplecasting you will also be able to:

  • Unify services demand forecasting, capacity planning, recruiting and onboarding
  • Get smarter absence management
  • Motivate and develop people with clear visibility into future financial and organizational planning
  • Facilitate an automated, easy-to-use interaction between employees, their managers and HR
  • Use common reporting and analytics tools across the whole company

Our solution helps your services company efficiently assess, evaluate, and align employee performance to ensure a highly motivated workforce and projects that are on time and on budget. Manage all of your HR/Services needs on a trusted, secure, and scalable platform. Read the Peoplecasting datasheet to learn more.