It’s no secret that employees and HR are some of a consulting company’s greatest assets. As an HR professional, you are the one connecting your employees’ success to the company and its growth. By integrating the right HR software, your employees will be able to stay optimistic and focus on the real matters - like keeping your clients happy.

With the introduction and adoption of new HR technology, human capital at consulting companies is undergoing major changes. HR managers need to make sure they are engaging their employees, and showing their employees that they support them and their professional strategies.

FinancialForce’s HCM module gives you the opportunity to keep your company afloat, as well as providing a unified view to your entire workforce. With our leading HR software and applications, you can easily add, view, edit and update all HR transactions in one, unified system.

  • Recognize and reward your people with complete views into performance reviews, goals management, and financial planning
  • Employees can view or update personal information to automate data entry and free up administrative workload from the HR team
  • Managers can initiate work changes such as transfers, promotions, or terminations
  • Reduce tedious data entry and work with delivered workflows and notifications

A simple, easy-to-use HR software awaits you.