Is your non-profit organization looking for an easier way to track donations, grants and endowments? FinancialForce software can help you better manage each and every dollar that is spent within your organization. You need the most efficient, easy-to-use, and secure software that allows for transparent visibility into your financials. Be better equipped to lower operational costs and maximize the impact of each dollar with FinancialForce.

The FinancialForce platform gives you tools with dimension capabilities that seamlessly allow you to track expenditures for tax and fund accounting. FinancialForce for nonprofits enables your accounting team to use the latest cloud-based tools to meet the financial needs of your entire nonprofit business. FinancialForce helps eliminate the risks and costs of synchronizing transactions across different systems and platforms.
With FinancialForce you can:

  • Manage your financial data on a secure, certified, scalable platform
  • Easily share workflows and approval processes, and eliminate the walls between departments
  • Use common analytics and reporting tools across your entire organization
  • Get easy browser, mobile, or tablet access for access to data anytime or anywhere

Lower costs and meet your organizational goals with FinancialForce. Download our datasheet to learn more.