When it comes to FinancialForce PSA Vs Netsuite OpenAir, the platforms supported, types of customers using the product, features provided, and support you receive all come into play. When taking into account all of these components, the clear choice is FinancialForce.

Benefits of FinancialForce PSA

When client and project data is all on one platform – the Salesforce platform – you get flexibility, scalability and configurability. After switching from NetSuite OpenAir to FinancialForce PSA, customers have been able to eliminate issues that were associated with OpenAir data integration and finally got a single view of their customers. They are able to provide management with global insight on resources, current capacity and project forecasts to know where adjustments should be made, where additional resources should be brought on and predict where resources will be needed next.

FinancialForce PSA Vs NetSuite OpenAir Comparison Report

The G2 Crowd report comparing FinancialForce PSA to NetSuite OpenAir is based on real customer satisfaction reviews. In it, G2 Crowd shows a comparison between features such as budget tracking, resource loading and scheduling, reporting, mobile user support, project accounting and more. FinancialForce PSA excelled over NetSuite Openair in all categories. See it for yourself, download the comparison report.

Learn How FinancialForce PSA Compares to NetSuite OpenAir

Download the comparison report

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