Faster, smarter financial decisions

Finance teams are clearly under tremendous pressure to do more with fewer staff. Are you looking to improve the productivity of your finance departments by streamlining tasks? Are you looking out to simplify complex processes that consume your finance department's time? Move your financial data out of the dark – to enable faster, smarter decisions – with FinancialForce.

With FinancialForce Accounting, your finance team can use the latest cloud based platform - the Salesforce platform - to serve your business' financial needs. You can eliminate the costs of synchronizing data across various platforms and systems.

FinancialForce provides the necessary financial information to make better decisions anywhere, anytime. You can seamlessly empower your teams to support strategic decision making in your business through the automation of repetitive processes, and eliminate the process of manual data entry to ensure compliance through system enforced checks and balances.

FinancialForce offers:

  • A full drill-down across type reports
  • Alerts when financial thresholds are exceeded
  • Easy departmental dashboards that combine sales, billing, service calls, collections and related expenses on a single page
  • Financial reporting and key metrics from the cloud to your browser, mobile devices, or tablet

Say goodbye to revenue guesswork, manual processes, re-keying of data, and spreadsheets. Say hello to a single source of truth for all your financial data. Download our datasheet or watch the financial management video to learn more.

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