Most companies are familiar with ERP software to help manage and run their business processes smoothly and efficiently. They rely on it to help aggregate and organize data that is spread across each of its independent departments, no matter the number.

Your enterprise software should fit the way you do business, not the other way around. An important advantage of ERP is it facilitates the flow of information so that business processes and decisions are data-driven. Cloud enterprise software is also highly customizable and easily configurable to your business.

Unlike enterprise software management systems of the past, FinancialForce. cloud ERP software management is built to change, update and configure applications. The Salesforce cloud platform allows companies to get started correctly managing their business very quickly—even if it’s just one application at a time.

An efficient cloud ERP software system should run at high speed to present customers with one voice across their entire experience with your company. When all your systems are running fast and are aligned around the complete customer experience, that is when you’ve achieved ERP at Customer Speed®.

Our customers have benefited from:

  • Social and mobile technologies
  • Customer-centric process improvements
  • Operating at optimal speed to get the job done
  • Deeper visibility into one-stop resolutions and useful answers

Download the 2015 Cloud ERP Buyer's Guide

2015 Cloud ERP Buyer's Guide