Today, many businesses are adding innovative and more complex revenue processes to their business plans including a combination of multiple types of revenue activity on a single transaction. Accounting rules require that each revenue element is recognized and treated independently, which usually drives accounting and financial teams to use complex spreadsheets to store data. However, data stored in spreadsheets could lead to inefficient and error prone revenue processes that lack appropriate controls and visibility of recognized revenue.

FinancialForce Enterprise Revenue Recognition solution puts revenue recognition processes closer to their sources to improve overall efficiency and usability. Our software can easily receive information from revenue generation activities, all on data tracked on the Salesforce platform. Built natively on the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce Revenue Recognition helps you gather revenue recognition information, simply and quickly.

Benefits of Choosing FinancialForce Revenue Recognition for an enterprise:

  • Eliminate complex revenue recognition spreadsheets
  • Stay compliant and in control of all revenue processes
  • Process multi revenue elements efficiently and easily
  • Use alone or in conjunction with other financial or accounting apps

FinancialForce Revenue Recognition software is available for your enterprise company today. To learn more about our leading enterprise revenue recognition software, download the guide.