Do you want to automate and monitor employee time and attendance to reduce costs and manual labor across your organization? The employee time tracking software integrated within FinancialForce Human Capital Management will help you save time and avoid manual issues.

FinancialForce HCM Time and Attendance leverages workflow and approval functionality including the ability to approve time sheets by email, in Chatter feeds or by viewing a timecard. With easy to access employee time tracking, managers and VP’s won’t have to worry about incorrect billing or unreliable timesheets.

  • Use bulk approval features to approve a high volume of time cards and avoid financial crises
  • Create time sheets for employees to record time on work or projects
  • Review employee time by reviewing easy-to-use dashboards and configured reports
  • Monitor the latest activity data to make corrections

Precise time tracking extends beyond HR to multiple departments of an organization, directly impacting auditing processes. This level of visibility is particularly vital when companies need detailed and accurate reporting for billing of chargeable services to customers.

Make it easy for managers to recognize and reward your employees, contact us at to learn more about how we can automate your employee time tracking software for the future of your business.