Use of cloud-based embedded services enable organizations to grow their visibility and deliver services efficiently. FinancialForce’s embedded services apps are helping transform the services business by utilizing the latest in cloud technology and forward-thinking Professional Services Automation functionality.

FinancialForce PSA enables organizations to exponentially increase revenue inflow, improve resource management and optimize project profitability. The key features include:

  • A single view customer dashboard across your entire organization
  • System-wide tools to break down departmental silos and work as one team
  • Visibility for sales at the opportunity stage
  • View of resource availability across the entire company

Through easy to use mobile and social solutions, the PSA app helps close projects on time, improve brand loyalty and get real-time up-to-date reports. By leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform, you can manage your employees, customers, projects and financials using an integrated services management application. To learn more on our PSA embedded services, download the datasheet.