More than ever, businesses are moving their human resource (HR) management software onto reliable, cloud-based applications, primarily on the Salesforce platform. These cloud HR software applications can provide a high level of accuracy, automation and visibility that traditional software solution could never deliver. A HR software solution in the cloud can dramatically save time, money and paperwork, facilitate problem solving between managers and employees and automate recruitment efforts and vacation requests.

HR departments are easily overwhelmed by many tasks, that they almost have no time to handle recruitment, on/off boarding, and other critical HR processes. But you don’t want to trust just any cloud HR software. A comprehensive cloud HR system like FinancialForce HRMS provides the controls, visibility and flexibility you need to manage a dynamic business. It’s capable of delivering everything from recruiting assistance to salary and benefits planning, training, payroll and employee performance statistics.

  • Manage your global workforce at any type, status or location
  • Configure the HR management app to your specific business processes and needs
  • Automate HR workflows to reduce data entry and paperwork

Whether an individual is a volunteer or employee, a strong cloud HR software system will allow a business to flourish and give way for its employees to enjoy their healthy work environment. Contant FinancialForce today to find out how you can integrate a leading cloud HR software at your company.