Save time and money with an efficient cloud billing software

Businesses choose as their cloud recurring billing solution to take advantage of one of the most successful SaaS platforms: Salesforce. Customers that already use Salesforce find it extremely convenient to have all of their business processes in one place.

With FinancialForce Cloud Billing software, companies have a business model to invoice their customers based on a schedule that the company specifies, whether it is once a month, or once every quarter. The most common forms of recurring billing include subscriptions, membership dues and payments that are made under installment plans.

FinancialForce Billing gives you the tools to:

  • Support one time bills, recurrent billing and/or payment schedules
  • Ensure sales tax compliance through automated tax calculations
  • Spot payment exceptions quicker with automated cash application process
  • Invoice from list views or unattended batch generation

Seagate, a global leader in data storage solutions, adopted a cloud billing solution to help save them time and money, and gave them room for a renewed focus on customer service. Because they use Salesforce as their CRM, they needed a billing solution that integrated seamlessly into their process. and now they saved 30% thanks to Billing/CRM integration. Watch their case study below.

Find out how FinancialForce can best benefit your company’s billing processes.