Benefits of cloud-based financial software

Maximize financial growth on a trusted, secure cloud platform

Is your finance department tired from continually trying to deliver more in less time? It's time for a break. Now, FinancialForce gives you access to an integrated cloud based financial software where you can automate repetitive financial processes, eliminate traditional manual entry and make sure your finances are compliant with any regulations.

Cloud-based financial software is hosted on remote servers, providing capabilities to businesses just like a SaaS business model. Data can be accessed on financial software applications remotely through any device with an Internet connection. You no longer need to maintain business on individual computers. Your employees can access the same data and the same version of the software, anywhere and anytime.

  • Share workflows and approval processes between teams
  • Use the same reporting and analytics tools for the entire business
  • Shrink the time needed to get billing done, pay the bills and close the books
  • Give your customers the ability to access their invoices and payment history

Your finance team should be using the latest cloud based financial software to serve the financial needs of the entire business. Check out the FinancialForce Financial Management data sheet to learn more about why we're the #1 cloud based financial software.

FinancialForce Accounting Datasheet

FinancialForce is a cloud-based financial software solution built on the Salesforce platform. Download to learn more.

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Streamline, simplify, and automate your financial operations on the Salesforce platform. FinancialForce Financial Management gives you a flexible general ledger, automated billing processes, and brilliant intelligence all in one place.

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