Having the right people and processes, supported by the best technology, is key to keeping your business working like a well-oiled machine. Do you have the required resource management insight and tools to suitably modify your operating levers and increase utilization? Stop guessing and relying on spreadsheets for your resource management - arm yourself with the insight that offers better power to deliver and create opportunities for upsell/cross-sell. Get FinancialForce PSA.

FinancialForce empowers managers with the forward visibility into the pipeline so the right resources can be assembled at the right time and expectations can be met. FinancialForce PSA offers better oversight on capacity, and skills availability. You can easily see across projects, and drill down to resource schedule details online 24x7.

Seamlessly view resource availability

Filter views to narrow down to resources in a group, region, project or a single resource - allowing you to seamlessly view resource availability across the entire business.

FinancialForce’s capacity planning software offers:

  • Resource details tracked in one location
  • Team visibility to scheduling and assignments
  • Intuitive views into availability and capacity
  • Skills and certifications matrix
  • Skills catalogs and capacity planning
  • Multiple work calendars

FinancialForce PSA harnesses the power of cloud computing on the Salesforce platform to seamlessly meet the needs of today's services organizations. Download our datasheet or watch the product video tour to learn more.