Just having a customer service department and using CRM software doesn’t suffice in today’s “Age of the Customer.” Instant answers and deeper access to ERP information is an imperative, but it’s often beyond the reach of traditional CRM software.

Most services teams operate on a collection of cobbled together niche applications, spreadsheets and home-grown systems, all of which operate separately from existing systems. As a result, processes between sales, delivery, operations and finance become disjointed, information is dispersed, and manual workarounds proliferate.

By aligning systems of engagement with systems of records, FinancialForce’s business management tools help increase visibility, and reduce process time to meet customer expectations. Additionally, because FinancialForce.com applications are built on the world’s leading cloud platform and CRM engine provided by Salesforce, hundreds of thousands of users can instantly leverage the latest cloud, mobile, social and customer facing technologies.

With FinancialForce, you can:

  • Get a variety of visual ways to analyze data from both front and back office
  • Break down traditional departmental barriers
  • Give decision makers much deeper insight into their business than ever before

The FinancialForce ERP suite, available altogether or in apps - Professional Services Automation (PSA), Financial Management and/or Human Capital Management (HCM) - offers an unprecedented array of methods and tools to capture and report important metrics.

Watch our product video tour or check out a data sheet for more info.