If you’re the leader of a professional services organization, wouldn’t you love to know how your company stacks up against industry metrics? Is your services company in need of an innovative set of organizational tools to help optimize and streamline your business focused on people, project, task and client management?

When you choose FinancialForce as your PSA you are securing access to best practices for professional services companies. The best practices are divided into three categories: Adopt, Manage and Measure. A goal and test for each category has been identified to help group the best practices. When you choose FinancialForce PSA, you will integrate seamlessly into the Salesforce platform and have access to these tools instantly:

  • Adopt - Implement at least 1 approval process for every timecard and expense report
  • Manage - Elicit estimated time to completion (ETC) regularly from project resources and calculate the variance to the plan
  • Measure - Track trends in goodwill to understand if customer non-billable budgets are being correctly managed

For more information download the PSA datasheet or watch the video now!