Do you need the reality of collaboration and information sharing between systems, proper billing and accurate orders? Can you filter, sort, and chart by using a common reporting tool across your entire business? Can you generate reports and dashboards whenever and wherever your team needs them via tablet, browser or mobile?

FinancialForce Accounting software provides you with the best cloud reporting tools and templates available. It can generate financial statements and enable you to do real-time financial analysis, insightful modeling and actionable analytics. With its dynamic services, FinancialForce helps businesses to combine the back office data with its sales, marketing and support teams. And, because it is linked to Salesforce, integration is smooth and effortless.This allows businesses to stay ahead by:

  • Removing internal silos and eliminating disparate spreadsheets
  • Getting everyone on the same page with the same updated information
  • Customizing invoice formats for emailing or printing
  • Simplifying the integration of sales and billing

See the full accounting datasheet or watch the product video tour to learn more.