Every wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer is looking to grow their market share. Handling orders from multiple channels has become commonplace in today’s B2B environment. For excellent service and quick deliveries, you need a robust B2B eCommerce platform. Enable your organization to manage multiple fulfillment models and get a 360 degree view of the order lifecycle in a single system with FinancialForce.

With FinancialForce Order Fulfillment, organizations can quote prospects and receive inbound orders via EDI or from an ecommerce site in a single system. You can reduce errors and the expenses associated with maintaining multiple systems to support selling in multi-channel environment.

With FinancialForce Order Fulfillment integrated to the FinancialForce Inventory management and Advanced - CPQ applications, you get complete visibility of margin, status and product information throughout the entire sales lifecycle.

Why choose FinancialForce?

  • Supports the selling of tangible and intangible (digital software, labor hours etc.) goods as well as drop shipment and warehouse fulfillment on a single sales order
  • Manages partial shipments and back orders automatically through the sales order fulfillment process
  • Includes upsell of warranties and integrated Return Material Authorization (RMA) process
  • Utilizes Deposit Invoice to consume upfront deposit against sales orders
  • Captures orders for processing with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) & ecommerce integration
  • Manages warehouse and drop ship fulfillment on the same sales order
  • Simplifies taxation with Avalara AvaTax integration
  • Streamlines and automates the configure to order process

With FinancialForce Supply Chain Management (SCM), your data is in real-time and easy to access so you will always know the accurate status. Contact us to learn more.