VFP Consulting is a FinancialForce implementation partner specializing in PSA, HCM and Revenue Management implementations.

Their Vision is to help your business realize the power and flexibility of investing in the Salesforce.complatform.

  • Managing your business in one system with a 360 degree view of customers and employees is the ultimate goal
  • This means ensuring current business requirements are met while designing for scalability and integrating other parts of the business

With a Focus on process improvement and business transformation, their approach is to implement business systems in support of operational efficiency and data reliability.

  • Their consultants have personal experience in hands-on operational roles, so they engage from the perspective of the business needs, not what the system can do
  • With their own software to manage requirements and testing, they help your project team stay focused on what is the right thing, not what is technically possible.

The founders have a Passion for software making a real difference. With 25 years in professional services operations, Human Capital Management and system deployments, they’ve learned and experienced first hand it’s not enough just to have a successful implementation. VFP Consulting wants to see your business more successful years after your implementation.

  • VFP consultants play an active role in providing feedback and guidance on what works
  • They want to ensure the right people are enabled to do the right things at the right time and will challenge you to consider the costs and benefits of your processes and supporting requirements

Learn more at www.vfp-consulting.com.