Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management Software

Keep a worldwide workforce going, while you’re on the go

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In the office or on the road, Financialforce Human Capital Management is the single place to track time worked, absences, and information to avoid compliance risks. Easy workforce management is here. Gain real-time control of situations before they become ‘issues’.

2017 Beginner’s Guide to Evaluating Cloud HCM Software

No more time wasted

Time & attendance: Completely automate time collection and absence management, track compliance info and reduce labor costs with Timesheets and Punch Time.

  • Enable employees to record time against work, projects, locations or initiative
  • Review time and attendance and configured reports on your smartphone
  • EasyClocking® feeds timesheets thru certified APIs
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Time & attendance: Punch out of Client and Project on mobile

Dynamic workforce. Dynamic scheduling.

Scheduling: Empower managers to establish schedules, forecast needs, create shift patterns and optimize coverage — all in the same app you’re managing worker data.

  • Schedule and track by location, job or project
  • View absence data and adjust schedules as availabilities change
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Scheduling: Manage worker schedules per day on Salesforce

Leave management that leaves free time

Leave administration: Sick days, leaves of absence or holidays — automate employee requests and make it easy on managers while keeping business rules in place.

  • Submit request, track, and monitor any type of absence in one central location
  • Use your approval process to allow managers to view balances & take quick action

Hook into any payroll

Payroll work center: Independent of your HCM solution, Payroll work center connects seamlessly and securely with your preferred payroll vendor.

  • Provides mappings for all top payroll service bureaus; ADP, Ceridian, Paychex, Paylocity, Paychoice, etc.
  • Allows easy reconciliation of any and all payroll changes via delivered reports
  • Maintains ONE version of the truth with an HRIS system

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