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Investing in your biggest asset — your people


There is no resource more costly or essential to a business than the workforce. It’s on you to make sure you hire the best, nurture the best, and deliver programs that align with your unique culture. Get the confidence, insight, and tools to make it happen effortlessly — with FinancialForce Human Capital Management Solution (Everyday HCM™).

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Benefits of Human Capital Management Solutions

Big decisions based on powerful data

Gain the human resource management insights you need with all your people-related data in one clear, easy to understand place. Plan smarter and make predictive assessments based on the facts of your workforce — talent acquisition, development, retention, compensation strategies and more.

  • Get the metrics important to you delivered in at-a-glance or drill-down
  • Build compensation plans that make sense — establish standard merit, bonus, and variable pay components
  • Know when to give accolades, when to raise red flags
  • Deliver stakeholders key workforce information when, where they want it

Make performance management a group effort

What used to be an annual event is now a daily exercise. With Everyday HCM you can manage performance directly with employees with the social, flexible, collaborative system. The system helps you align employee performance with company goals and keep motivation across the workforce.

  • Execute a configurable, electronic, and automated interaction between employees, their managers, and HR
  • Leverage Chatter to gather real-time insight into staff accomplishments
  • Leverage a 360-degree feedback loop with managers and multi-raters

Building the future

Identify your future leaders and establish a talent bench for hard-to-fill roles. With Everyday HCM you can search by critical attributes and build training and development plans to grow today’s workers into tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Monitor your talent pipeline from any angle with a single data set
  • Understand the readiness of your leadership pipeline and get ahead of any gaps
  • Future-proof your organization by giving your current talent a path for growth
  • Motivate and develop your talent with clear visibility for succession planning

It’s the reporting you always wanted

Pre-built reports and dashboards give you complete visibility to all of your workforce data. Just click and create the information you need, in the format you prefer.

  • Get over 70 standard reports with the ability to click to create an unlimited number of others
  • Respond to mandatory federal agencies with standard templates like the EEO-1 report
  • Quickly edit or configure the report you need, and share it with other decision makers, or export it into various file types

Get compliance built-in

Everyday HCM customers always know where they stand on complying with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We provide what businesses need to prepare, predict, and meet compliance.

  • Get demographic, income, and benefits information all in one place
  • Track each measurement period, enrollment status, and worker costs of benefits
  • Get business rules delivered and processing of complex legislation, in one dashboard

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