Talent Management Software

Talent Management Software

Create a culture of motivation, dedication and appreciation

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Your people are your firm’s most valuable asset. They deserve talent management software that delivers the best practices of today’s modern workforce. Create a culture of continuous feedback to drive better performance, outcomes, and engagement.

2017 Beginner’s Guide to Evaluating Cloud HCM Software

Benefits of Talent Management Software

Align personal goals to business goals

Goal management: One view into one record gives you a total picture of your workers’ status. Manage human resources together to more effectively meet their goals — and yours.

  • Tie employee success to business success
  • Provide ongoing reviews and continuous feedback between workers and leaders
  • Monitor how quickly your organization is progressing towards objectives
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Goal management: Employee performance review

Capture performance at every turn

Performance management: Accurately evaluate and maintain motivation with a flexible, intuitive system.

  • Execute automated interactions between managers, employees and HR
  • Leverage a 360 degree feedback loop with managers and multi-raters
  • Develop and motivate talent with clearly visible career path and succession planning

Keep training on track

Learning & development: Grow your talents’ skill sets. Keep mandatory compliance classes up to date. Use learning tracking displays to see what’s going on and what’s not.

  • Assign courses for completion with task reminders for workers
  • Track status of learning and tie development to performance
  • Create learning catalogs linked to third party content providers

Complete compensation planning

Compensation management: Connect pay to performance and give leadership a direct view of performance ratings when determining raises and bonuses.

  • Increase visibility and transparency into entire compensation planning process
  • Create, manage and update comprehensive budgets
  • Cascade compensation plans throughout organIzation
  • Manage global compensation components, including base, variable pay and equity
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Compensation management: Bonus management

Building tomorrow’s leaders

Succession planning: Identify your future leaders and establish a talent bench for hard-to-fill roles. Identify critical attributes and transform today’s workers into tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Monitor your talent pipeline from any angle with a single data set
  • Gauge the readiness of your leadership pipelines and get ahead of any gaps
  • Future-proof your firm from sudden loss of key talent with clearly visible career paths
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Succession planning: Resource Demand by Role, Skill Demand reports

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