Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Winning in the marketplace starts with winning in the workplace.

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Offer a single point of entry for your people to access and maintain their personal information. Collaborate with teammates. Manage projects. Chat. Employees engage when you allow them access to, and ownership of, their identity within the organization.

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Participation invites collaboration

Collaboration center: Chatter allows workers to share in real-time. It reduces email, creates a buzz about initiatives, and builds company culture.

  • Form Chatter groups by department, interests or initiatives
  • Create event/app/work calendars or sync to Outlook or Google calendars
  • Monitor the pulse of the workplace by tracking Chatter usage and topics
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Collaboration center: Social HR processes

Self-service that serves everyone

Employee self service: Empower workers to own their information and make changes securely online. Lessen the administrative workload dramatically.

  • Intuitive user interfaces guide workers through self-service features
  • The system can be accessed from anywhere and any device
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Employee self service: update personal profile, org chart, absence, calendar

Team and manager command centers

Manager services: Put an end to human resource paperwork delays — empower your leaders to take ownership and local control of their people and related transactions.

  • View and initiate transfers, promotions, compensation changes, and terminations with a click
  • Access easily through Salesforce home screen
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Manager services: team transfers, promotions, terminations, absence

Everyday HCM, anywhere and everywhere

Mobile access: Workers and managers have instant access to all HCM functions in the Salesforce1 App from anywhere and any device.

  • View status dashboards and access Chatter feed and process analytics
  • Keep your people engaged at all times — wherever they are
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Mobile access: HR apps on mobile phone

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