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Spend less time on admin. More time maximizing investment.


As CIO you own the technology direction for your company. And you want your people maximizing that technology to the fullest. Leverage the Salesforce platform skills your team already has and make work life better for everyone — with Everyday HCM.

Partnering with ADP for best-in-class HCM

No more integration nightmares

Commit to the cloud and put an end to upgrading antiquated human resource systems that are harder for your IT team to support. Everyday HCM reduces the complexity of integrating multiple systems while delivering deep business value.

  • Address all HR needs in one app — HRIS, benefits, talent, performance, time and attendance management, onboarding and recruiting
  • Empower team with one log-in, one UI, one workforce data set

Take advantage of the #1 enterprise app cloud

Everyday HCM lives on the #1 cloud platform. Take advantage of the most secure, modern, world-class system and applications without the IT costs and headaches, and get:

  • Real time analytics from anywhere, anytime
  • Mobile ready on iOS and Android devices
  • Customization and integration tools built in that link your systems
  • Easy integration for your customer and third party applications
  • Common reporting and analytics tools across your entire business

Bring true collaboration to the workforce

With Everyday HCM applications comes powerful enterprise social media technology unlike any other HCM solution on the market. Bring Chatter to the workforce where anyone in the company share information in real-time – create buzz about company initiatives, reduce email, and foster a true culture of collaboration.

  • Create Chatter groups, by department or special interest
  • Get a calendar with events, tasks, and reminders to maintain all your work-related to-dos in one place; or sync to your Outlook or Google calendar

Serve up self-service

Empower workers to own their information, with secure online changes in Everyday HCM. Employees can view or update their personal information freeing up administrative workload from your HR staff.

  • Guide workforce through self-service features with intuitive user interface
  • Update from anywhere — it can be done from any device

Establish a single approvals engine

Don’t let approval processes get bypassed or employees slowed down. One common approval engine makes adhering to company guidelines easier, employees happier, and compliance automatic.

  • Point and click configuration to manage all approvals
  • Complete mobile access — review, comment, approve
  • Automated log of approval history and audit trails

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