Benefits Administration Software

Benefits Administration Software

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Company benefits are critical to success, yet challenging to administer. Everyday HCM allows you to manage enrollment, administer benefit plans and comply with the ACA. Everything is right there for you to monitor issues, take action, and update with ease.

2017 Beginner’s Guide to Evaluating Cloud HCM Software

No more tedious enrollment paperwork

Benefit enrollment: Easily configure and automate employee enrollment for all benefit programs — and integrate essential info into your global worker data set.

  • Provide single sign-on enrollment in the portal employees use everyday
  • Enable your workers to update life status changes themselves
  • Use Chatter to communicate on enrollment, benefits and coverage
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Benefit enrollment: Employee benefits portal

The benefits of automation

Benefits administration: Manage and administer your organization’s benefit programs with ease — Medical, Dental, Life, Retirement, Flex plans and more…

  • Track and automate updates to employee, dependent and beneficiary data
  • Maintain strict compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Get dashboards that show worker FTE and enrolled status
  • Connect to your carriers with EDI feeds via our Cloud Carrier Connect
  • Send data to your carrier thru an easy-to-configure interface

Carrier updates are now painless

Carrier cloud connect: Stop endlessly updating benefit websites every time there’s a change. Sync your data with our Carrier Cloud Connect.

  • Link HCM benefits enrollment and change data with any of your carriers
  • Connect to hundreds of health and welfare carriers nationwide
  • Make change happen automatically, instantly, painlessly

Answers in a heartbeat

Mobile anywhere: As part of the Salesforce1 app, your employees can access info about their benefits instantly on any mobile device.

  • Get answers and ask questions through Chatter
  • Get updates in real time — at the dentist, pharmacy or ER
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Mobile anywhere: employment benefits report on mobile

Compliance built into the system

Compliance ACA: Built to help human resource managers prepare, predict, and meet compliance and Federal reporting requirements. You always know where you stand.

  • Demographic, income and benefits information in one place
  • Measurement periods, enrollment status and worker costs tracked
  • Interactive dashboard delivers business rules and complex legislation processes
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ACA summary report - Total Workers, Stability Period, Offered Coverage, Accepted Coverage

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