Grid report as of July 2, 2018. Mid-market is based on reviews from users in organizations with 51-1000 employees. Enterprise represents organizations with over 1000 employees.

FinancialForce doesn’t run your business like legacy ERP application providers. Our solution is built from the ground-up with your customers at the center, from managing new opportunities all the way through revenue recognition and renewals. If you are ready to embrace the new services economy, FinancialForce is the clear ERP winner.

See why customers like Informatica, Avid, Greenway Health and many more have made the switch from NetSuite to FinancialForce


Disconnected PSA Solutions Left Errors in the Opportunity to Cash
"After switching from NetSuite OpenAir and standardizing on FinancialForce PSA, Greenway is able to gain more visibility into their Opportunity to Cash cycle and eliminate errors." Read more

- Debbie Mattingly, Senior Director Professional Services Operations, Greenway Health

Struggled with RevRec and HIPPA Compliance with NetSuite
"After switching from NetSuite, we had an 80% improvement to Rev Rec process time, billed 50% faster, and got DSOs down 33%." Read more

- Tara Triola, Director of Finance Operations, Himagine

Netsuite did not meet needs from either a financial or operational perspective
"FinancialForce PSA provides greater visibility on project finances, improved utilization, increased profitability, and allows Avid to more closely engage with their customers." Read more

- Tony Callini, SVP Finance, AVID

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