VP Operations

Take charge of your supply chain with a single system.

Running supply chain operations is a big job. It requires fine-tuned processes and controls or bad stuff happens. FinancialForce gives you all the tools, visibility and intelligence you need to simplify and leverage supply chain data across your organization -- and make you look a star.

Simplify the sourcing process

Send out sourcing requirements to multiple suppliers at once, then capture the responses in a single repository to compare price, delivery, and anything else. Find the best matches for your business with ease.

  • Easily convert sourcing request to a purchase order with a single click
  • Track historical sourcing data (product number, ETD, award reason) for supplier analysis
  • Leverage pre-­negotiated supplier agreements
  • Simplify and easily analyze multichannel sale

Complete inventory visibility from procurement to delivery

Eliminate communication barriers within the organization and know exactly what’s going on with inventory. Whether providing available to promise inventory to the sales team or providing asset reconciliation information to finance, FinancialForce delivers.

  • Manage inventory with physical (serial/ lot number) and aging controls
  • Analyze procurement, sales and margin history down to the serial number level
  • Track on-condition inventory (new, refurbished, overhauled) for aftermarket support
  • Manage customer or vendor owned inventory

Streamline the ordering processes

With ERP and CRM on a single platform, you can utilize the same workflows, approvals and real time data to streamline business processes. You and your teams focus on sales and customer service and not processes.

  • Create hierarchies based on sales representatives, geography, or products
  • Enforce business rules, discounts and markup schedules to confirm accuracy of pricing
  • Get sales tax visibility from the quote to invoice automatically with Certified Avalara Integration

Get real-time data, answer any customer question

Where’s the customer’s order? This can be answered on the spot. With FinancialForce Supply Chain Management Solutions all your data is in real-time and easy to access so you will always know the accurate status. And it supports B2B, B2C and more.

  • Effectively configure, price and quote prospects/customers
  • Capture orders for processing with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) & ecommerce integration
  • Manage warehouse and drop ship fulfillment on the same sales order
  • Simplify taxation with Avalara AvaTax integration
  • Streamline and automate the configure to order process

Get control over spend

Supplier agreements are not effective if they are not leveraged. Capturing cost is pointless if it can not be associated to the appropriate budget, sale or project. With FinancialForce, contract leakage is avoided and margins can be managed from quote to sale.

  • Enforce spend policies with workflows and approvals
  • Keep a close eye on overdue customer balances and disputed invoices
  • Monitor suppliers’ performance from a single dashboard

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