Think outside the CRM box and build a one-cloud future

When you connect your front and back office applications on the Salesforce platform you gain instant security, unified data and streamlined operations… making your day-to-day much easier.

Security and data privacy built-in

Sensitive data lives in financial apps and now you have an easy way to protect it. FinancialForce apps are built on the Salesforce platform so you can implement industrial strength controls for all your data in one trusted location.

  • Benefit from comprehensive and rigorous privacy and security assessments
  • Implement two-factor authentication
  • Enforce your company security and password policies

‘Clicks not code’ customization and integration

Finance apps have a reputation for being difficult to customize, change and integrate. Not the case here. Tailor FinancialForce Accounting using the same know-how and skills used to configure Salesforce CRM.

  • Configure and tailor FinancialForce apps to your business with a minimal effort
  • Add objects, add fields, add business rules - change processes easily
  • Integrate data simply with FinancialForce ClickLink™

Produce reports on the spot

With CRM, financials and your custom app data all in one place you can produce standard reports, customized reports, ad-hoc inquiries the moment they are requested.

  • “Clicks not code” report creation and editing
  • Data visibility controlled by security profiles
  • Full mobility of reports and dashboards

Manage one platform, not many

Many IT department have found themselves with an unwieldy combination of on-premises and cloud applications aka, “a Frankencloud”. Move your apps to one cloud, and administer users in one place instead of many.

  • Master one common set of security procedures
  • Eliminate unnecessary and costly integrations
  • Improve the speed in which your company operates

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