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One powerful, streamlined rev rec platform that integrates front and back office transactions to generate a more predictable, reliable revenue stream. Our intelligent system provides quotes and available inventory, flexible pricing, and control of recurring and non-recurring invoicing.

2017 Transition Guide to the New Rev Rec Standard

Quote faster. Sell smarter.

Quote: Flexible pricing structures for spot-on quotes on the spot: quote goods, services or both. Views into upsell capabilities and inventory help you maintain tight control of your margins. The tools the sales team needs to sell smarter.

  • Upsell opportunities based on product relationships
  • Quote recurring and nonrecurring fees for goods and services
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Quoting: Flexible pricing structures for spot-on quotes on the spot — quote goods, services or both

One system. Multiple Channels.

Customer order and fulfillment: Get one simple, streamlined fulfillment system for goods and services. Support drop-ship and warehouse fulfillment. Decrease errors and costs while improving customer service significantly.

  • Manage partial shipments and back orders automatically
  • Simplify and automate configure to order processes

Bill fast. Bill accurately.

Billing: One system that takes the manual processes out of invoicing and makes sure that what your customer ordered is exactly what you invoice — for products, services, recurring contracts, or project-related items.

  • Bill from any standard, third-party, custom object or even data outside the Salesforce cloud
  • Manage change and contract lifecycle, including recurring and nonrecurring revenue
  • Generate invoices for FinancialForce PSA events with a few clicks
  • Bill projects by time and expense, flat fee, pre-bill, or retainer
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Leave the revenue recognition spreadsheets behind

Revenue recognition: You are in total control and compliant — effortlessly. Automate revenue recognition calculations, eliminate error-prone, time-intensive rev rec spreadsheets, and strictly adhere to key revenue recognition standards (ASC 606 & IFRS 15).

  • Link revenue recognition entries tightly to source data
  • Process multi-element arrangements efficiently
  • Derive revenue forecasting with both recognized and projected values
  • Provide complete revenue visibility
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Rebate revenue: Rebate analysis on mobile phone

Reaping all the rewards of rebates

Rebate revenue: Leverage rebate information across the supply chain. Better predict revenue, capture more of it, and make more informed procurement decisions.

  • Leverage procurement history to track against incentive-based rebates
  • Expose rebates to sales to increase revenues and improve margins
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Revenue recognition: Link revenue recognition entries tightly to source data

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