Know what’s coming and always keep control.

As a controller, you are the organization’s headlights. You need to anticipate financial issues and resolve them before they become problems. Get more control and be more proactive with real-time visibility of your cost and revenue patterns.

Automate, automate, automate

Quit struggling to keep up with a growing volume of transactions and stop working late at month end. FinancialForce provides the tools you need to drive automation and take control. Get one-click reporting so you can quickly spot issues to keep costs in line and cash flow healthy

  • Eliminate manual keying everywhere
  • Use automated matching to do the heavy lifting of cash application
  • Retire those convoluted revenue recognition spreadsheets
  • Get financial statements at the click of a button

Compliance doesn’t have to be painful

FinancialForce gives you the enterprise class accounting controls to make day-to-day compliance simple to administer and audit friendly. Enforce key controls such as transaction integrity, time stamped audit trails and policy driven approvals.

  • Automate segregation of duties in the system
  • Produce audit trails with ease using point and click reporting tools
  • Find supporting documents and evidence attached directly to transactions

Shrink reconciliation effort with a single ledger design

The FinancialForce general ledger was built to accommodate your most diverse business requirements and provides the basis for deep financial analysis. Always current, the application provides complete drill down to originating transactions.

  • Compare any two sets of transactions with a multi-functional reconciliation screen
  • Get a flexible, multi-dimensional chart of accounts
  • Handle multi-currency and multi-company transactions
  • Transfer costs between companies or business units with inter-company transactions
  • Perform accruals with automatic reversing journals

Get visibility and control of spend

Get visibility and control of spend across the entire business. FinancialForce will automatically enforce spend policies before a purchase order is even created and helps keep budgets in line.

  • Manage requirements and spend policies with automated workflows and approval
  • Create a procurement hierarchy and responsibility based on commodity code
  • Convert multiple requisitions into a single purchase order

The State of Finance

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