Finance is the new value creator.

The digital age has radically changed the function of finance. The thriving financial leaders of today are seizing the moment -- finding new sources for growth, redefining their leadership role, and leveraging technologies to help grow both the top and bottom line.

Improve decision making across the organization

Get the financial information you need to make better decisions anytime, anywhere. Identify sweet spots for revenue creation, know when to raise red flags on spending, and keep a hawk eye on cash flow. And FinancialForce serves up the reports and dashboards you need to do it.

  • View departmental dashboards that combine sales, service calls, billing, collections
  • Use template reports or create your own to fit your business needs
  • Get full drill down capabilities to better analyze data
  • Get alerts when financial thresholds are exceeded

Automate the mundane

Give your team the breathing room to focus on strategic decision making. FinancialForce Financial Management solutions will automate repetitive processes, eliminate manual data entry and ensure compliance through system enforced checks and balances and documented audit trails.

  • Shrink the time needed to get billing done, recognize revenue, pay the bills and close the books
  • Complete your audit testing in record time using enterprise class audit trails and point and click transaction walkthroughs

Get systems that support growth

As your business grows so do the demands on your accounting and financial management systems. FinancialForce supports your move into new markets, overseas expansion and the launch of new product lines while managing the increased regulatory compliance that comes with that growth. Gain detailed insight into profitability and performance to understand the financial health of your business.

  • Manage multiple sets of balanced books in a single Salesforce org
  • Get a flexible chart of accounts design
  • Track profitability and performance by department, line of business, project or cost center
  • Leverage advanced currency handling and intercompany processing

Take the sting out of revenue recognition

Get a complete, accurate picture of your organization's revenue. With FinancialForce you get an app that automates recognition calculations, eliminates error-prone and time-intensive spreadsheets, and helps you adhere to key revenue recognition standards.

  • Link recognition entries tightly to source data.
  • Put an end to entering data into huge spreadsheets that attract the attention of auditors
  • Eliminate manual processes and calculations
  • Deliver clear visibility and auditability into all aspects of the revenue recognition process
  • Process multi element arrangements efficiently

Leverage the #1 cloud platform

Serve the financial needs of your entire business all on one platform. With FinancialForce on the Salesforce app cloud, you eliminate the costs and risks of synchronizing transactions and master data across different systems, while getting to know everything about your customers at the same time.

  • Manage your financial data on the enterprise class, secure, scalable platform from Salesforce
  • Share workflows and approval processes, break down the walls between departments
  • Use common reporting and analytics tools across your entire business

The State of Finance

See how 1,000 CFOs and other finance leaders have adapted to doing business in 2018.