Financial Management Tour


FinancialForce Accounting seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to align sales, finance and services on a single cloud platform. With real-time financial analysis, day-to-day operating reporting and trackable KPIs, it's built to handle the most diverse business requirements.

Easily automate tedious, time-consuming tests and manage transactions, reporting and reconciliations from multiple companies in multiple currencies. So you can measure your firm's financial health across its entire portfolio effectively and painlessly. Eliminate manual processes and manage even the most complex contracts and one closed-loop system.

FinancialForce Accounting streamlines the opportunity-to-cash process using the same master customer record as Salesforce. So you can create invoices accurately the first time and configure them to match your needs. Then post to accounts receivables instantly for real-time visibility into outstanding balances.

Built-in best practices, audit trails and support for ASC 606 and IFRS 15 help to reduce costs and increase revenue. While automated reconciliation across the multiple accounts makes it easy to monitor cash flow.

Bring your sales, service and finance into alignment with FinancialForce Accounting.