Managing projects across 95 global offices

"FinancialForce is our new crystal ball for revenue forecasting." Kathlyn Williams, PSA Product Owner, Red Hat

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Global data disconnects

Over the years, Red Hat Consulting became encumbered by multiple systems - including homegrown ones and spreadsheets - to manage projects. Complicating matters was inconsistency in the tools used within regional offices, which impacted reporting. It could take two weeks to get a report from a region alone as the local team aggregated data from multiple systems and then manipulated and analyzed it in spreadsheets. To pave the way for solid, reliable decision-making and continued growth, Red Hat needed a single, modern solution to manage its projects and related financials.

With integration, Red Hat has been able to manage:

  • 95 global offices
  • 4,100+ open projects
  • 2,000 global consultants

FinancialForce PSA Customer: Red Hat
Red Hat customer story

With PSA, Red Hat's project managers can now ensure proper resource allocation while managing assignments, products, planners and contacts-all in one place.

Once Red Hat confirmed it could effectively track project details and pull revenue forecasts, it integrated with its financial system and began deploying in multiple regions. In just over six months, all four regions were live on FinancialForce PSA.

psa analytics

Because of the tight integration between FinancialForce and Salesforce, Red Hat's project managers can easily manage all project-related tasks and automatically sync time and expenses. In some cases, what took up to 15 steps is now reduced to just four.


Red Hat partners with its customers to simplify IT complexity across people, process, and technology. Because of FinancialForce PSA's scalability, Red Hat's global implementation enables a limitless business model for its consulting services. "As the product owner, I care about how the company I'm dealing with supports us as a customer. FinancialForce has been exceptional," says Kathlyn Williams, PSA Product Owner at Red Hat. "We've built a nimble services model that scales with us, no matter how fast we grow."