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Native to SalesForce the SalesForce PSA Platform enables organisations to gain unprecedented visibility into their business across sales, service delivery and finance - keeping projects on time and budget, improving realisation rates, ensuring project profitability and client satisfaction all in one integrated platform.

The #1 Cloud PSA Solution

Native to

Native to the Salesforce Platform, FinancialForce provides a secure, scalable solution without integration headaches.

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Unrivaled scale
and experience

With more market share than Oracle/NetSuite, Microsoft, and Kimble, a deep Salesforce partnership, years of successful implementations, and over a thousand happy customers means you are in safe hands with FinancialForce.

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Delivering a single source of truth across sales and services, allowing you to serve customers easily and identify growth opportunities.

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Boost resource utilisation easily, improve customer satisfaction effortlessly, and grow profits predictably.

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Thousands of verified users on G2 Crowd identify FinancialForce PSA as the leader in customer satisfaction.

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Built for

Accelerate growth by combining FinancialForce PSA solution with powerful billing and revenue management tools built on Salesforce.

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From Professional Services, Technology, SaaS, Software, Consulting and Project Services, companies across a wide range of sectors recognise power of FinancialForce PSA.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

From large scale global enterprises to locally owned businesses, companies of all shapes and sizes are rating FinancialForce PSA #1 for end user satisfaction, consistently rating higher than NetSuite OpenAir, Microsoft, and Mavenlink.

The clear market leader
(Our customers love us)

FinancialForce ranks #1 for "Satisfaction" on the G2 Crowd PSA Enterprise Grid, based on reviews from end users at companies with more than 1,000 employees.

Additionally, FinancialForce holds the top satisfaction rating among leaders in the G2 Crowd PSA Mid-Market Grid. We rank higher for user satisfaction than NetSuite OpenAir, Microsoft, and Mavenlink.


“With FinancialForce PSA, we can easily see and manage the entire project lifecycle, from cradle to grave.”

– Lyle Potgieter, CEO, PeopleStreme

“FinancialForce PSA includes all the features and best practices you want from a PSA solution, adapted for the enterprise.”

- Todd Bursey, VP FinancialForce Practice, Appirio

“One of our biggest wins was pushing in utilization. Now we couldn’t live without it. It is ingrained in what we do. Being able to work out headcount and utilization split by region/practice/group has impacted the whole business, not just Services Operations.”

- Mark Conklin, Director Services Systems and Tools, Salesforce



Improvement in utlisation

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Reduction in project admin

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Increase in project creation

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Services automation native to Salesforce

NetSuite, Microsoft, Mavenlink, and other non-native systems require costly implementations, integrations, and ongoing maintenance. Even after implementation, having disconnected CRM and PSA systems leads to project delays, reduced collaboration, and revenue loss.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, FinancialForce gives you and your team a consistent user experience and real-time access to data. It's a single, secure, and easy-to-use solution across your entire business, from sales to service delivery.



Do even more by combining the #1 PSA with billing and revenue management tools built on Salesforce.

Unrivaled size and experience

As your business expands, inflexible point solutions like Krow and Kimble just won’t scale. It's why industry analysts like Forrester, IDC, TSIA, and SPI repeatedly cite FinancialForce as a leader.

No matter how you run your services practice, FinancialForce is built for growth. With a deep Salesforce partnership, years of successful implementations, and over a thousand happy customers, it's no wonder TSIA members prefer FinancialForce.

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Revenue Recognition & Forecasting
Revenue Recognition & Forecasting

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Manage professional services teams, projects, partners and financials with the leading PSA solution built on the Salesforce Platform.

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  • Manage projects to maximise profit
  • Track and measure utilisation your way
  • Focus on getting things done v’s managing project plans
  • Maintain a single view of customer across your entire organisation

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