"The connectability and automation of FinancialForce integrated with Salesforce has put all of our data at our fingertips, allowing Vizergy to operate much more efficiently. One customer record and central source of data means I have time to focus on other initiatives that will help grow the business."

Mike Murray, COO, Vizergy

Vizergy provides digital marketing services for hotels, resorts, and restaurants around the world. Their services include website design and development, online marketing programs, and central reservation services.

Early in the development of cloud applications, Vizergy was aware that the complex nature of their invoicing would benefit from an end to end cloud based solution and looked to the Salesforce platform and FinancialForce to simplify and connect services to financials.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting

Company size: Medium

Previous system: QuickBooks

Location: Jacksonville, Florida, US

Industry: Travel & Hospitality

Business Issues

  • Complex nature of recurring invoices - Multiple invoices per month to over 1000 clients comprising up to 8 different billing methods required a lot of manual keying
  • Double data entry between Salesforce and Quickbooks led to customer service challenges and human errors
  • Issues with late payments - 28% greater than 90 days
  • No integration between customer data held in Salesforce and the financial information held in Quickbooks
  • Made it difficult to work remotely

Benefits & Results

Better Visibility, Smarter Business Decisions

  • With data at fingertips - cash flow has improved and re-invested for future growth
  • Team has built a custom collection process based on FinancialForce data reducing 90 day late status from 28% to less than 10%
  • Customer service has improved as account managers can see customer payment status and take action to help collect or apply credits
  • No more entering same data in multiple places - everything is automated and productivity has increased
  • Utilizing FinancialForce ClickLink technology daily to automatically generate invoices for 1000+ clients, pulling in data from 5 different objects
  • One system of record ensures clients are billed accurately, eliminating billing disputes
  • Customer questions answered immediately - both front and back office teams have the information they need to answer account or financial questions

Time & Money - Dramatic Savings

  • Invoices automated and sent out each morning - saving $10 - 20k per year
  • 20% decrease in accounting labor
  • 20% reduction in accounting payroll
  • 30% improvement in collections which improves cash flow
  • $5-10K saving by eliminating manual keying mistakes
  • Auditing process now automated
  • Reconciliation simplified - Customers receive one invoice Vs multiple invoices per month