Venture Technologies, Inc. is a premier IT Solutions Provider. Venture specializes in Cisco systems, EMC, VMware and other manufacturers that provide high-end network solutions to their customers. They pride themselves on meeting the demanding needs of a changing technology landscape and delivering an unmatched level of customer support.

Products in Use: FinancialForce ERP; FinancialForce Accounting; FinancialForce Quoting; FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Legacy; Microsoft Excel

Location: Denver, Colorado, US

Industry: IT Services

It’s that holistic approach to servicing all of your customers. If you can service a database of thousands and thousands of customers, and treat each of them with the same level of commitment and accuracy of their data, then you increase the revenues within your business. That’s what FinancialForce helps us do.

Win Farnsworth, President

Business Issues

  • Legacy ERP package had no CRM integration. IT team challenged to synchronize data which ultimately compromised customer service
  • Outdated technical architecture got in the way of executing on the company vision and customer objectives
  • Multiple applications were painful and time consuming to upgrade and kept users away from core job responsibilities.
  • CRM was important and integral to the organization, but used as an isolated function creating inefficiencies in other areas of business
  • Traditional ERP tools made it very difficult to be agile and respond to the market

Benefits & Results

  • Bring multiple databases into one. Using cloud ERP made perfect sense with Salesforce CRM already implemented
  • No other package provides this level of detail on the customer. Venture found FinancialForce ERP’s comprehensive support across the customer experience was unparalleled
  • Having one platform gives Venture a single pane of glass approach to solving sales needs, financial needs and customer service needs
  • What’s a single pane of glass? It's multiple apps feeding into a comprehensive screen. Team gets one search page, one place to add a name, phone number, quote; one data source for anyone to view relevant customer data they need to make a sale or solve a business issue
  • Huge competitive advantage. It's not just about one person having a single pane view; it's about everyone having it to improve the customer service experience
  • With FinancialForce ERP in the mix, CRM adoption rates skyrocketed and key functionality now exposed across the business
  • Bringing ERP and CRM together has meant less admin, more business building tasks for employees. Everyone is more empowered and engaged, keeping staff turnover low
  • Automatic notifications on customer activity keep everyone on the same page. FinancialForce ERP integrates sales orders, purchase orders, customer's purchase orders, delivery dates, all going into a notification at the moment of purchase 
  • One office. One cloud, one database brings front office, back office and customer data together to solve customer issues
  • FinancialForce creates a holistic approach to servicing thousands of customers and treating each of them with the same level of commitment and accuracy - direct impact to increased revenues in the business
  • FinancialForce gives the opportunity to capture moments and circumstances within the sales cycle that would otherwise go unnoticed - teams stay ahead of the curve and respond to customer requests faster


  • Revenue up 40% over the last several years
  • Seven minutes! That’s how long it took to get a deal done - with the sales person absent. Every ounce of data was in the system for other team members to solve a business problem and satisfy the customer. 
  • One customer record! Doing more with less. Operational costs and headcounts have shrank. Five less people on a team of ten from just four years ago