"Having the ability to bring an opportunity right into the accounting system and knowing that all the information is fixed in the system has improved efficiencies and cut down on errors."

Jim Simpson, CFO, Trissential LLC

Trissential is an award winning management consulting firm specializing in business improvement. Trissential helps organizations achieve optimal results by strengthening three essential areas; Effective strategy brings clarity that is needed to prioritize the right work. Efficient management helps improve portfolio, program and project management. Exceptional execution provides the precision needed to deliver results. They offer specialized practices for Enterprise Transformation, Organization Effectiveness and Change Leadership, Portfolio/Program/Project Management, Business Architecture/Analysis, Software Quality/Testing, Microsoft Solution Studio and ERP.

Products in Use: FinancialForce AccountingFinancialForce Billing; FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Quickbooks, Big Time

Location: Wayzata, Minnesota, US

Industry: Professional Services

AppExchange Rating: AppExchange rating 5 stars
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Business Issues

  • No centralized reporting or cross company visibility, creating project bottlenecks
  • Customer information stored in multiple applications - no single source of information on account
  • Invoice and expense process involved duplicate manual entry
  • Lacked detailed project reports and visibility into sales pipeline; difficult to plan and make key decisions

Benefits & Results

Connecting Processes with Salesforce and FinancialForce PSA

  • Time and expenses entered in PSA and flow seamlessly into invoicing process
  • Common database of accounts means team can turn an opportunity into a project in one-click; automatic population of all information
  • Seamless handoff between Sales/Services/Finance with responsibilities clearly defined within the system
  • Timely and accurate invoices for a better customer experience

Better visibility is saving time

  • Accessible reporting: Anyone can easily access a wealth of data and customize reports as needed; set up automated delivery for certain people at certain times
  • Time and Expense process streamlined: Approvers now have more real-time, anywhere visibility for timely action
  • KPIs now easily tracked: Revenue, pipeline, visibile hours per week, utilization, gross margin and margin percentages all visible, easy to monitor to stay on track
  • Internal revenue forecasts: Now easy to produce for the Board room meetings - company can react quickly to issues that will impact the bottom line
  • Utilization boost: Team can better monitor capacity, backlog and availability across projects to keep bench light

Complete automation of projects

  • Tracking against budget: Automated alert emails tell resource they are approaching the budget limit, keeping margins in check
  • Information shared: Sales team can enter all info into CRM/PSA system which flows to accounting. Expectations are clear between Sales and Finance on steps needed to get a project up and running. Less time is spent chasing and querying information
  • Expenses delineated: Users can select billable vs non billable expenses to ensure customers’ billing is accurate and fast

Flexibility is key

  • System can work how you want it: Ability to split weeks with timecards has kept monthly invoicing organized internally and for customer
  • Excel data: Ability to export to Excel and bring data back into the system has been a big win for Trissential

FinancialForce has been integral in positioning Trissential for our recent acquisition and has facilitated 50% growth for the business.

Jim Simpson, CFO