Traction on Demand leverages FinancialForce PSA on the Salesforce platform to scale with rapid company growth

With FinancialForce, we now have a fully automated snapshot of our customer portfolio. This has positively impacted our business and we have realized a 100% ROI from FinancialForce as a result.

Lori Williams, President of Services, Traction on Demand

Automating for actionable insights

Prior to FinancialForce, Traction on Demand was using Kimble, which did not connect with other systems, forcing teams to manually input data and manage various spreadsheets. Their biggest challenge was getting comprehensive, meaningful data to better serve the customer and their business. With FinancialForce, they now have real-time visibility into resources, projects, and finances so smart adjustments are made and margins protected.

revenue recognition

"I run our entire business from a dashboard where I can understand the health and performance at any moment in time, through the combination of FinancialForce and Salesforce," said Mike Epner, President, Traction on Demand.


"What I really love about FinancialForce is the fact that it is on platform and that there is a tight connection with Salesforce. We use FinancialForce to track everything associated with the function of our teams and we can use the proactive approach to planning without sacrificing time or burdening our teams," said Epner.