The Gap Partnership is a niche consultancy business providing development workshops and consulting services in the area of corporate negotiations

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting; FinancialForce Billing

Company size: Small

Previous system: Access Dimensions

Location: Berkhamsted, UK

Industry: Professional Services

We are a business that is growing rapidly and are incorporating new businesses all the time. It is going to be very easy to add those new companies with a consistent set of chart of accounts and formats. FinancialForce Accounting is very much going to support the growth of our business as we continue our globalisation over the next few years.

Nigel Wolfin, Finance Director

Business Issues

  • Finance system incompatible with Salesforce CRM and inconsistent across global offices
  • Navigating between different screens in existing finance system inefficient and time consuming
  • Inability to view global financial picture of business due to inconsistencies with how information collected and used
  • Operating teams unable to see or help with any client payment issues

Operating teams can now have conversations with clients that incorporate financial elements which they wouldn’t have done before making our billing process much more efficient.

Nigel Wolfin, Finance Director

Benefits & Results

  • Invoice accuracy has improved
  • Credit control processes supported by cross-company visibility meaning Operations team can help with collections
  • Billing process more efficient due to lack of duplication of effort
  • Use of system on mobile devices has been a big win
  • Ability to drill down into transaction details has meant operating colleagues can discuss any issues with clients directly
  • Billing process quicker so cash generation enhanced
  • Finance system deployed globally allowing local offices to decide how they run day to day operations
  • Finance team and Operation team collaborating better