"If we hadn’t decided to make the move to FinancialForce applications, we would have continued with the same old complications and would have had to hire more people."

Bill Latourette, CFO, Sunergos

Sunergos specializes in business transformation. They are a global performance consulting and transformational leadership development firm who partner with leaders and their organizations to bring about a new era of performance, leadership and innovation.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting; FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Small

Previous system: QuickBooks

Location: Mount Prospect, Illinois, US

Industry: Business Services

Business Issues

  • Too much time spent verifying information due to disconnected data
  • Organization relying on key individuals rather than systems and data, causing bottleneck to growth
  • Project Managers had little view into financials leaving them unable to see how they were doing against budget
  • Budget alignment issues were often discovered when it was too late to make a difference
  • Reports lacking the structure and insight needed to make smart business decisions
  • Relying on custom built system to track time, requiring manual entry for both consultants for time tracking and finance for invoicing
  • No central system to monitor if time was being billed properly
  • Diversifying client base and producing a breakthrough in sales and client service

Benefits & Results

  • Invoice process has been cut down from two - three weeks to two - three days because there is no re-inputting and re-verifying of information
  • Forecasting is made simple because finance now has visibility into the opportunity pipeline
  • Leadership program data now captured making it easy to schedule resources
  • Month end reporting time reduced by 10 – 15 days thanks to centralized system and increased efficiencies
  • No more getting lost in email communications around projects thanks to centralized system and built in social tool, Chatter
  • Role-based views provide quick access to the data relevant to them, e.g. consultant can view status of expense report, managers can view expense reports related to budgets and drill down
  • Approval workflow and dashboard keeps approval process moving fluidly
  • All processes are more efficient, allowing the business to take on more projects
  • Sales reporting is now completely automated and communicated; once an opportunity is closed, a new PSA project is created
  • Project Managers now have access to view costs against budget and can make smarter, more informed business decisions
  • Employee time and expenses immediately available against a project making it easy to quickly track costs against project budgets
  • Quoting new projects has been simplified and teams are able to share and access same data across globe
  • Now both sales and services teams can access data (e.g.contracts, projects, etc.) from same central spot, making reporting back to client seamless
  • Reports now standardized across all projects with data that is meaningful, consistent and accurate; making decision making smarter and easier reports and analytics
  • System supports multicurrency financials (which Quickbooks could not) reducing time it takes for period close
  • Compliance processes are built-in keeping a centralized system to ensure teams can find information and are working from the most up-to-date documents or files
  • Significant reduction in duplication of reports/files as there is no longer a need for each department to maintain their own copy
  • Supports complex business model bringing three companies into one system, with transactions that impact multiple companies; having all the data in FinancialForce PSA provides for reliable, fast, accurate intercompany journal entries and reconciliation process
  • Resource scheduling significantly easier thanks to complete visibility across resource schedules, utilization data, and collaboration across the company
  • Having our commitment to diversify our client base in the forefront helped us implement FinancialForce SRP with urgency and use the real time data to monitor our progress

Now, I have more time to think vs. checking things and firefighting and, from a strategic perspective, I can get involved in more conversations.

Bill Latourette, CFO, Sunergos