Summa is a digital solutions consultancy that combines its human-centered design, strategy and agile software development capabilities to power businesses and deliver engaging customer experiences. Their strategic partnerships with technology leaders like Salesforce and IBM along with deep technical expertise in both on-premise and cloud applications allows Summa to employ the latest approaches to build the right solutions for their clients.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting; FinancialForce Billing; FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Microsoft Excel

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Industry: Professional Services

PSA has enabled us to manage a huge increase in number of projects efficiently and maintain the level of hiring and training required, while better servicing our customers.

Pedro Barelli, COO

Business Issues

  • Spending too much time on system maintenance to manage 30% growth per year
  • Information not readily available leading to bad or ill-informed decisions
  • Collaborative spreadsheets not real-time and often employees wouldn’t look for the information needed so for example, would log too many hours against hours booked for a project, exceeding contractual limits
  • Unable to easily see where losing money on projects
  • Projects sometimes closed before all contractual obligations met
  • Inability to forecast meant inefficient hiring and sales plans which could not be adapted as business needs changed throughout the year

Without FinancialForce PSA we wouldn’t have been able to grow 10% per year, yet alone have sustained 30% growth per yr.

Pedro Barelli, COO

Benefits & Results

  • Cross-Company visibility into projects has helped identify where losing money so this could be corrected
  • Improved customer service as front line staff now have visibility into invoices, project profitability and backlog
  • Days Sales Outstanding improved and number of late invoices reduced due to better efficiency
  • A weekly report can be sent to the CEO detailing all invoices outstanding which motivates Sales to become involved with collections
  • Amount of free work controlled and captured. Customers can see this on an invoice which helps capture goodwill and leads to repeat business
  • Non billable time is logged to projects instead of against ‘bench’ which could not be analysed
  • Better deployment of services as system supports Consultants being assigned across multiple projects
  • Finance team has been able to manage company growth without adding headcount
  • Improved collaboration between Sales and Finance