"I am a huge fan - I often times felt like I was flying a bit blind before FinancialForce HCM. I now have access to all of the important human capital data that I need."

Mark Coy, Chief Human Resources Officer, Summa Technologies, Inc - HCM

Summa is a digital solutions consultancy that combines its human-centered design, strategy and agile software development capabilities to power businesses and deliver engaging customer experiences. Their strategic partnerships with technology leaders like Salesforce and IBM along with deep technical expertise in both on-premise and cloud applications allows Summa to employ the latest approaches to build the right solutions for their clients.

Products in Use: FinancialForce AccountingFinancialForce Billing; FinancialForce PSAFinancialForce HCM

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Microsoft Excel; People Manager; SuccessFactors; OpenHire

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Industry: Professional Services

AppExchange Rating: AppExchange rating 5 stars
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Business Issues

  • A fast growing business outgrowing its infrastructure drove the quest for a single source of truth for employee data
  • HR team challenged to gauge health of the business from a people perspective, with no visibility or analytics into key company data
  • Pulling together simple data, e.g. performance tracking, attendance, general admin, was extremely painful, with no single source of data/employee record. Time was wasted trying to pull data from different sources
  • Enrollment programs (such as health, dental, life, etc) were manual and paper based. For a leading edge technology company, this was inefficient, and an “old school” practice that sent the wrong message across the company

Benefits & Results

  • Summa’s existing commitment to the cloud with FinancialForce PSA and Accounting on the Salesforce Platform made FinancialForce HCM an obvious next step in their Cloud ERP journey
  • FinancialForce HCM drives company-wide efficiency covering every HR function with advanced features and functionality supporting the hire to retire spectrum
  • Data at your fingertips makes previously difficult questions now easy to answer, e.g. details on the employee population
  • Insight on demand. HCM dashboards give exec team real-time look at the workforce makeup; better hiring decisions made for the long-term
  • Candidate to employee transition is smooth particularly when hiring many people at once. Candidate data instantly becomes employee data eliminating data entry and processing time
  • Developers use Chatter as real time technical support forum. If they hit a snag at a customer site Chatter enables an immediate response with ideas and solutions - real-time problem solving!
  • Employees and managers are now empowered with self-service features taking charge of individual development with visibility into management goals. More access to information means managers now looking at data as they should be - no more uninformed decisions
  • Empowered managers make people-centric actions without bugging HR, such as ensuring salary equity within a team or alerting team members falling behind goals
  • Now using Chatter to post announcements for employee recognition, promotions, new assignments, sales wins, kickoff of new projects, new hires and even unsanctioned employee social activities - builds a more cohesive community. Chatter posts instantly linked to performance reviews where relevant

It has all the right functionality - out of the box with the ability to customize quickly. There’s not one or two main benefits with HCM, there are several. Summa has new visibility into data about our employees that we’ve never had before. HCM changed how Summa works tremendously!

Mark Coy, Chief Human Resources Officer, Summa Technologies, Inc - HCM