Summa is a digital solutions consultancy that combines its human-centered design, strategy and agile software development capabilities to power businesses and deliver engaging customer experiences. Their strategic partnerships with technology leaders like Salesforce and IBM along with deep technical expertise in both on-premise and cloud applications allows Summa to employ the latest approaches to build the right solutions for their clients.

Products in Use: FinancialForce AccountingFinancialForce Billing; FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Medium

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Industry: Professional Services

I can answer questions much more quickly, and provide data that we need to do our business.

Lynne Stroyne, Financial Accountant

Business Issues

  • Rapid growth highlighted the need for a single source of information across the business
  • Disparate systems forced team to rely on Excel to consolidate basic data about employees
  • Group had no visibility into overall health of the business, lacking any analytics into key company data
  • Gathering even simple data from different sources, e.g. project profitability, employee holidays taken, was extremely painful

Action Views has changed the way I look at information because I now understand how the information and objects all link together.

Lynne Stroyne, Financial Accountant

Benefits & Results

  • Data now at your fingertips. Previously difficult questions are made easy e.g. How profitable was my project? how much time did a consultant spend on a project?
  • Instant access to information in all apps in use allows employees to quickly answer questions and address issues
  • Ability to drill down into customer data has given insights into accounts and projects which have led to improved customer service and additional revenue
  • Easily available information means managers are now looking at data in new ways and making informed decisions
  • Information across systems can be analyzed at any time with all back office systems working together - CLOUD ERP!
  • Auditing reports are now simple to produce
  • Teams have clearer understanding of how objects link together and the impact that has on the business
  • Automated prompts to run action views at specific times, keeps information in real-time, and saves time on reporting and cash flow improved