"The integrated FinancialForce/Salesforce platform is quickly becoming the ERP solution we envisioned at the onset of this project. We are very happy with the 360 degree view of our customers the integrated system provides and are now exploring ways to expand it even further."

Stephen Young, CEO, Square 9 Softworks

Square 9 is the developer of highly intuitive, award winning Content Management solutions that can be easily adapted to automate any paper intensive process. Their commitment to proven practices and cutting edge technologies has led to the development of a library of innovative tools for business automation. As a trendsetting software development firm, Square 9 has become the creative force in the next generation of Content Management allowing organizations of all sizes to embrace the reality of a paperless office.

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Products in Use: FinancialForce AccountingFinancialForce PSA

Company size: Small

Previous system: Microsoft Small Business Accounting

Location: New Haven, Connecticut, US

Industry: Software/SaaS/Web Development

AppExchange Rating: AppExchange rating 5 stars
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Business Issues

  • Rapid growth and diverse locations across globe meant lack of visibility throughout the organization
  • Unable to operate and report in multi-currencies which was a concern for continued global expansion
  • Support revenue being recognized on receipt of funds instead of over 12 months meant inability to meet GAAP compliance standards
  • Month end was slow and cumbersome
  • No analytics available for breaking down revenue tendencies, budgetary performance, commission reporting or understanding utilization trends. Most of this work required manual input with analytics being done within Excel over a course of days
  • 103% growth in 2011 highlighted the need for improvement and process automation
  • Order Processing was cumbersome with an inordinate level of back and forth communications between the sales team and the accounting department. This was due to discrepancies between the quote being generated by the rep and the Purchase Order being received from the customer
  • Support Contract Renewals were being managed manually in two systems which required physical updates into the contract residing in Salesforce once the payment was posted to the accounting system
  • It took the equivalent of one full time employee in Finance 8-10 hours each month to prepare support renewals and distribute them to our customer and reseller
  • Professional Service Projects were also being managed in multiple systems which led to inaccuracies, lost revenue and diminished customer service. This was primarily due to the lack of an effective means of communication between the Finance and Professional Services teams. No visibility between the two systems

We have been a Salesforce user for many years and extended our system by adding FinancialForce Accounting at the end of 2011. Our goal was to create a unified platform that would address all aspects of our business including Marketing, Sales, Finance, Help Desk and Contract Management. We are now six months into the project and the system is already returning all kinds of benefits to us.

Stephen Young, CEO

Benefits & Results

  • Complete view of the customer from the complete quote history to order placement, project delivery, post implementation support and contract renewal
  • The solution was easily scaled to meet growth requirements. Equally it allowed a multi-phased approach which was key to success
  • Replacement of the current system and data migration; 16 hours saved by eliminating inefficiencies in ordering process
  • Direct Invoicing from customer quotes
  • Improved analytics and reporting
  • Contract renewal automation with Integrated Invoicing; 16 hours saved
  • Professional Services Automation; 12-16 hours per month saved moving from manual tracking and multiple data entry to one simple process. No visibility so lots of time spent checking project status and whether billable event had happened
  • Double data entry and back and forth on orders eliminated leading to better data accuracy
  • 16 hours per month saved just in order processing
  • An additional 10-15 hours per month saved with direct report generation instead of extracting and analysing data in Excel
  • Data is real-time and accurate on the platform. (when a project is completed, it creates a billing event immediately letting Finance know it is ready for invoicing)
  • System updates for contract renewals - Previously issued invoice to customer when renewal due and credited if didn’t want to renew. Customer showed as expired in system which created issues for helpdesk. Now issue pro-forma, it is signed and invoice issued with click of button. System automatically updates to show a renewal with a new expiry date which meets GAAP regulations
  • Invoices generated automatically from both quotes and contract renewals
  • Sales working with Accounting; handoff of sale now seamless. Used to take 5-10 emails when order placed
  • Once FinancialForce PSA is fully implemented, all processes will be automated giving huge cost and time savings
  • Improved understanding of our utilization combined with a shared view of the project queue has allowed S9S to streamline project delivery while improving the customer experience
  • Added efficiency will allow S9S to eliminate the need to hire one FTE for their Professional Services team (approx. 60-70K USD) as had been previously budgeted

It's been great to see FinancialForce Accounting get stronger in the areas of Reporting and Cash Matching with the latest release. We sense a strong commitment to developing an already powerful product and are looking forward to growing our business on the platform.

Stephen Young, CEO