"There is no question on the insight and efficiencies gained. FinancialForce PSA has significantly helped us allocate the appropriate resources, to the appropriate projects, at the right time–which in turn increased our customer success and has positively impacted our business in lots of ways."

Scott Snider, COO, Silverline

Silverline is a Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner headquartered in New York City. They focus exclusively on the end-to-end implementation of products and powerful third party apps. Their results-driven methodology leverages best practices they have developed over 800+ deployments, including a suite of best-selling apps developed for the Salesforce platform.

Products in Use: FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Netsuite OpenAir

Location: New York, New York, US

Industry: Professional Services

Business Issues

  • The nature of how OpenAir worked prevented the ability to get financial information required to run the business until end of month–a little too late
  • Being on multiple clouds required complex integration work between OpenAir and Salesforce resulting in loss of key information
  • Silverline was highly dependent on the OpenAir team for customization or to add additional requirements which simply drove up costs
  • Silverline is a team of Salesforce experts. Working on a platform that required proprietary knowledge was a challenging issue–few people were left with experience on an outdated solution
  • Inability to report on weekly revenue and tie that to Salesforce data inhibited strategic decision making
  • Several usability issues, weak capacity planning, a clunky invoice process along with aggressive growth plans drove Silverline to seek out a more adaptable and unified solution

Benefits & Results

  • After an in-depth search, ultimately had all the features Silverline needed where other solutions came up short or too many workarounds were required 
  • Critical component is FinancialForce PSA on the Salesforce platform, eliminating integration issues with a single cloud model 
  • PSA and CRM now natively connected–no more visibility issues or reconciliation woes 
  • First and foremost, the flexibility of FinancialForce PSA has been invaluable. The robust set of features make it easy to configure to meet specific business needs 
  • Able to get the reporting results they need from day one–there’s nothing they can’t get out of the system that the team needs 
  • Ability to expand usage to others for administration and ease of maintenance with several Salesforce experts on hand. Don’t have to rely on proprietary skills in short supply 
  • From an operations perspective, the full impact and trajectory of the pipeline from start to finish is highly visible–what opportunities are where and follow through to project backlog until completion of project 
  • Staffing assignments now optimized with complete visibility into resource needs in the pipeline–all tied to skills and availability on the resource side 
  • FinancialForce PSA provides framework to understand where the team might be potentially misquoting making the organization more transparent 
  • Out-of-the-box functionality provides native ability to track the billable amount of a resource’s time vs the cost of the resource-key to understanding project profitability 
  • Positive impact on the sales cycle. Greater visibility and transparency into historical costs helps to more accurately write SOWs 
  • No question on the insight and efficiencies gained. Significant improvement in allocating the appropriate resources to the appropriate projects at the right time-in turn increasing customer success 
  • PMs can review profitability, budgets and timeline expectations on a weekly basis. Hit a button to generate stats on where they are on track and or falling behind in real time–makes course corrections easy and timely 
  • Time entry system is now on time with greater accuracy and precision 
  • shaves days off the monthly reporting process and the annual reconciliation exercise