The South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (SCMEP) is a nonprofit that specializes in helping manufacturers grow their business. They provide strategic consulting to manufacturers to help them quickly adjust for bottom-line and top-line growth.

With FinancialForce Accounting, SCMEP knows exactly how every dollar is being spent, which manufacturer is receiving it, and in what capacity

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting

Company size: Small

Previous system: QuickBooks

Location: Columbia, South Carolina, US

Industry: Nonprofit

The biggest surprise with FinancialForce was the buy-in that we got from the non-financial department. It's great when a salesperson or a field delivery person can call and say, 'This app has made my life a lot easier.’ Everybody felt like it was a win.

Stacey Smith, CFO

Business Issues

  • As a fast growing non-profit, QuickBooks no longer met their needs as the entire team at SCMEP was using Salesforce CRM and the applications did not connect
  • QuickBooks required constant updating in multiple systems, like a never ending circle.
  • Accounting team lost valuable time reconciling when data didn’t balance

I love FinancialForce because of the ease of use. It is everything I need all in one place. It makes my position as CFO, analyzing data, and making financial decisions so much easier.

Stacey Smith, CFO

Benefits & Results

FinancialForce and the power of the platform

  • Flexibility a key factor for selecting FinancialForce. SCMEP now has a system that they can easily configure for their business model, instead of manipulating processes to fit an inflexible app
  • Goodbye duplicate data entry—hello end-to-end visibility. With FinancialForce on the Salesforce platform the flow of information across multiple applications is seamless. Information is now in real-time, right there when you need it
  • Ease of use drives up user adoption rates. Being built on the Salesforce platform, team now has one log-in for three systems saving time and increasing productivity
  • Key performance metrics now available on a dashboard in real-time. Critical when making timely and effective decisions on guiding a growing company where it needs to go
  • Biggest game changer: the approval process. No more relying on emails, sending things back and forth. Internal flow of information is sped up by being able to log in to one system for a list of approvals 

Managing non-profit dollars wisely on a single platform

  • More accountability drives more funding. A non-profit that runs a consulting firm has for-profit accountability such as tracking grant reporting. With FinancialForce Accounting and PSA, the team can now continuously monitor exactly where dollars are being spent and who they're reaching
  • Having a true accounting system strengthens internal controls. Organization is now set up to better service clients and meet the demands of future needs


  • Saving 1 week per month! Month-end and quarter-end close reduced by five days, allows team to focus more time on value added tasks, less on admin