SAVO is the founder and pioneer of sales enablement, powering more leading brands and industries to better connect directly to their buyers. The core of SAVO is the belief that something important happens at the point of human connection. The moment of truth is the center of the sales cycle. While other technologies reduce or eliminate human connection for the sake of efficiency, SAVO Sales Enablement technology focuses on bringing the seller and the buyer together, enhancing their connection.

The SAVO sales enablement platform enables prescriptive content, guided selling and custom engagement tools, which drive more predictable sales results in an agile selling world. As selling has become more agile the SAVO consulting team needed to adopt a more agile methodology to keep pace with the market.

Adopting FinancialForce PSA was the change that was needed.

Products in Use: FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Undisclosed

Location: Chicago, Illinois, US

Industry: Software/SaaS/Web Development

We used to have a weekly staffing meeting that would chew up too many people and hours to wade through all of our staffing needs. PSA allows us to cut that meeting to a nit now. We probably could eliminate it completely, but we just like hanging out with each other for 15 minutes.

Nick Camino, VP Consulting

Business Issues

The previous system could not deliver the relevant information needed to meet SAVO’s international expansion and keep pace with the new market reality. SAVO needed to make a change to drive the consulting business forward.

With FinancialForce, we'll be able to support the business from whatever comes down the road for us. PSA is a software that's going to take us where we want to grow.

Jessica Brandenburg, Program Manager

Benefits & Results

FinancialForce PSA fit the bill

FinancialForce PSA was an easy decision. It is built on the Salesforce platform and offers the flexibility that the other vendors did not have. PSA allows SAVO to manage their people, customers, projects in one integrated services management application. Deep visibility into opportunities, resource demand; start dates; customer interactions; active projects; issues and risks; billing details; is in a single view of the customer for all stakeholders.

The smarts they need

Life before FinancialForce: Sales didn’t know how much consulting they could sell. Reporting was incomplete. Time entry inefficient and processes too manual.

FinancialForce PSA gives SAVO insights they never had before across projects, resources and financials. No more cycles wasted with phone calls, emails, spreadsheet, just to find an answer to a single question or complete a task.

“With PSA we can do everything a lot faster than we ever had in the past, which is a very big value to me. We have less people focused on managing the minutiae of projects. PSA has given us back time, which is a magic thing compared to what we used to do.” – Nick Camino, VP Consulting, SAVO

Pivoting faster

SAVO adopted the agile methodology for development and has extended it to every piece of the business. The services team needed to also follow that same methodology and be able to quickly react to what was going on with their clients.

“Due to the flexibility and ease of use of the PSA interface, we can quickly make changes on the fly, whether it's mobile or laptop. PSA allows us to find the blind spot and react quickly to whatever needs to be going on.” –Jessica Brandenburg, Program Manager

Customer time to value drives retention

As a SaaS business, recurring revenue is the lifeblood of SAVO’s success. Getting implementations started quickly not only keeps customers happy, it equals time to revenue.

PSA helps SAVO decrease time to revenue with milestones built into each project. The team can quickly triage project status by accurately tracking those milestones which keeps revenue streams on track and clients happy.

“PSA helps us get clients to that first drop of value, getting them happy, and getting them in the fold for the long term. It helps drive retention, which drives the value with the company because it allows our consultants to be crisp, to be efficient.” – Nick Camino

Better reporting, better decisions

FinancialForce PSA gives the team real-time dashboards and reports to dive deep into the status of individual projects.

The executive team can make more informed decisions with metrics through PSA around hours consumption against budget, the quality and speed in execution, attainment of milestones, and overall health of the portfolio.

“I love the fact that you can take a field, put it in a report and build a Rubik's cube of what you want to show. The sky’s the limit with reporting. I'm able to get people what they need, and in turn, that makes me feel good and feel like a champion of the company.” –Jessica Brandenburg

Keeping up with the business

PSA gave SAVO the ability to handle international expansion. SAVO recently expanded to the UK, and expect to move into the EU and other parts of the world over the next couple of years. With FinancialForce, going global is happening–and successfully.

PSA helped drive the consulting organization’s shift toward a more agile methodology in step with the larger shift at SAVO. Without PSA SAVO consulting would have struggled to make data driven decisions and understand how the landscape was changing around them.

“We can now be agile and keep up with the rest of the organization as they're changing. That's a very big impact not to be understated, that's very important.” –Nick Camino

FinancialForce Services kicks a$$

With the knowledge and expertise of FinancialForce Professional Services, SAVO was able to go-live to all end users and in-flight projects within 23 working days. An amazing feat according to Jessica Brandenburg who’s been through a few of these in her career:

“The implementation was great. We needed a rapid employment and our consultant really kept us on course and made sure that we made our go live date. If the consultant was in the room right now, I would give him a big hug.” –Jessica Brandenburg