The core of SAVO is the belief that something important happens at the point of human connection. While other technologies reduce or eliminate human connection for the sake of efficiency, SAVO Sales Enablement technology focuses on bringing the seller and the buyer together, enhancing their connection.

SAVO built and owned this unique market. The company goals are to continue to expand internationally, and for all areas of the business to adopt an agile approach to achieve a rapid and flexible response to change. Change was needed on the Services team. That change was FinancialForce PSA and FinancialForce Professional Services was the team to implement it.

Products in Use: FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Undisclosed

Location: Chicago, Illinois, US

Industry: Software/SaaS/Web Development

Throughout the course of the PSA implementation, FinancialForce really kept us on course and made sure that we made our go live date.

Jessica Brandenburg, Program Manager

Business Issues

SAVO’s previous in-house solution to manage services was holding them back from better serving their high profile customer base. SAVO needed to make a change to readily have the information in order to make data driven decisions that impact the implementation of their software to clients.

We had a very strong business case to have a quick implementation. And because of the expertise of the FinancialForce consultants, we were able to do that.

Jessica Brandenburg, Program Manager

Benefits & Results

Jessica Brandenburg, Program Manager with SAVO chats with FinancialForce on her experience with the FinancialForce implementation team. 

FinancialForce: Why did SAVO choose FinancialForce?

Jessica: FinancialForce PSA fit the bill, it was an easy decision. It’s built on the Salesforce platform and offers the flexibility that the other vendors did not have. PSA allows SAVO to more effectively manage projects and customers in one integrated applicant, in a single view of the customer for all stakeholders.

FinancialForce: I understand you needed a rapid deployment, how did FinancialForce deliver on that?

Jessica: Savo had a very strong business case for a quick implementation of FinancialForce PSA. And because of the FinancialForce expertise of their consultants, SAVO was able to meet their aggressive deadline.

I've done lots of implementations throughout my career, but this is the only one that was of this magnitude that I did within 23 working days. We went live to all of our end users, with all of our inflight projects. It was really an amazing feat.

FinancialForce: How did FinancialForce keep SAVO on time and on budget?

Jessica: We needed a rapid deployment and because of the FinancialForce expertise, we were able to do that.

We had a great consultant that understood our business and was very knowledgeable on the platform. He could anticipate our needs and we were able to give him the information that he needed to have a very seamless, effortless integration of PSA.

FinancialForce really kept us on course and made sure that we made our go live date.

FinancialForce: What would a typical day look like on the project?

Jessica: Our PSA implementation was nice and efficient. I would meet with the FinancialForce consultant in the morning and we would talk about the objectives and what we were going to accomplish by the end of the day. Mike, our consultant, would go away, work on it and then in the afternoon he would show us what he had built. We would make edits and tweaks from there.

It was a very wonderful way of doing business, a very seamless, effortless way to do the whole implementation. It was truly amazing.

FinancialForce: What was the key consideration for you during the project?

Jessica: Our main focus was building a very strong foundation so in future months, years, decades, we could have other phases to build on that strong foundation.

The out of the box configuration has served our needs and we've been able to build on top of that for any sort of changes that we need to make throughout the year.

FinancialForce: Any final thoughts?

Jessica: Little did I know it then, but if I were to do it all over again, I would have done everything exactly the same. I was very pleased with the results we got from the FinancialForce implementation team, and they were great people to work with. They were so wonderful and I can't say enough good things about them.

If the consultant was in the room right now, I would give him a big hug!

FinancialForce: Wonderful! Thank you for your time.