"Our decision to use cloud based applications has laid a great foundation for us to build on."

Brian Sill, Senior Director Sales Operations, Safe Orthopaedics

Safe Orthopaedics was founded (Paris, France) in 2010 by Dominique Petit, a 22-year entrepreneur / engineer veteran of innovative spine technologies, Pierre Dumouchel, industrialization expert, and Thomas Droulout, technology and materials expert. In line with the significant healthcare issue of today, Safe Orthopaedics is focused on enhancing the cost-effectiveness, safety and efficiency of orthopaedic implant / instrument systems. These enhancements are achieved by a new model of single-use, sterile and traceable orthopaedic procedure kits. By streamlining the expensive, complex and inefficient process by which implant systems are delivered, Safe Orthopaedics endeavors to dramatically improve the value proposition of these procedures for hospitals, surgeons and the collective healthcare systems they serve.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting; FinancialForce Spend Management

Company size: Small

Previous system: New startup - none

Location: Memphis, Tennessee, US

Industry: Biotechnology; Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Business Issues

  • Heavy regulation of industry necessitates need to track products by serial number and lot in case of recall
  • Requirement to carefully monitor products used during a surgery. A range of products will be sent to hospital, but all may not be used
  • Tight link between revenue and surgeries performed created need for system to take information from surgery report and generate invoice and product replenishment orders
  • Complex pricing arrangements has huge potential for billing errors

As we look to turn on partner portals, we can start to leverage the distributor workforce working out there for us and limit work done in the back office.

Brian Sill, Senior Director Sales Operations, Safe Orthopaedics

Benefits & Results

  • Pricing arrangements approved and stored in the system limits chance of billing errors
  • 360 degree company view gives visibility into all activities at each account
  • Opportunity created in Salesforce translates into surgeries in FinancialForce SCM and billings through FinancialForce Accounting in one smooth, efficient process
  • Accurate and full records of what is used in each surgery compared to experience with previous on-premise system
  • Ability to mix and match data for reporting means standard inventory sent to each hospital will soon be able to be customized depending on usage
  • Integrating cloud applications has created a scalable structure which will limit the need to hire new people as company grows
  • Inventory movements in FinancialForce SCM are pushed into FinancialForce journals
  • Integration between purchase order , delivery note and FinancialForce Accounting payable invoice saves time
  • Providing superior customer service through better visibility and use of Salesforce to log cases and build solutions database
  • Access to FinancialForce Community means can raise support cases easily and search knowledge base for answers to questions

This will pay huge dividends as we grow.

Brian Sill, Senior Director Sales Operations, Safe Orthopaedics