Customer reflections from Community Day London 2014

Sabio is a customer contact technology specialist focused on delivering exceptional customer service strategies and solutions, partnering with leading organisations such as Avaya, Nuance and Verint. Sabio offers business consulting, systems integration and managed services.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Spend Management; FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Microsoft Excel

Location: London, UK

Industry: Business Services; Software/SaaS/Web Development

AppExchange Rating: AppExchange rating 5 stars
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SCM has put Sabio ahead of suppliers to be able to see when contracts are up for renewal and avoid late renewal fees. It is also driving better accountability and behaviour within the business. We are looking forward to building in further workflows and to utilizing other modules of the SCM application.

Martin Eggleton, Consultant

Business Issues

FinancialForce PSA

  • Detailed and complex Excel timesheets used for financial reporting - made it difficult to pull analytics and made business decision making more challenging
  • Analytics pulled and used for management info cycles was outdated before it was published
  • Scheduling resources for projects was still relying on Outlook invites between Project Manager, Resource Managers and Deployment teams

FinancialForce SCM

  • Revenue from clients and support contracts tracked using Excel spreadsheets; revenue not being maximized and contracts often plagued with errors
  • Disparate information made it hard to track contract renewals resulting in lost income and poor customer service
  • Often incurred 20 - 25% uplift charge for not renewing support contracts on time
  • Tracking spend was difficult
  • Contracts with suppliers lived in a separate system leaving information time consuming to track down
  • Without a single system to manage contracts, data quality was poor

We have replaced an in-house system with FinancialForce PSA and FinancialForce SCM, which have proved to be extremely flexible, allowing us to shape and configure to meet our needs. We can implement enhancements quickly and see the results immediately.

Martin Eggleton, Consultant

Benefits & Results

FinancialForce PSA

  • Have brought time tracking, expenses and project financials into one centralized system
  • Eradicated use of Excel spreadsheets for calculations, and now Excel is just used lightly for manipulation of data
  • Can extract information easily from the system and drill down into details e.g. Time booked by role
  • Have developed a reporting methodology that helps them to streamline processes, make quick adjustments and target issues before they happen
  • System is being utilized in new areas of the business (e.g. financials, sales) and not just for project management
  • Business is now much more analytical with the new ability to run reports across business critical data e.g. customer costings in respect of project adherence
  • Can now measure budgeted time against actual time which has positively impacted utilization and sales strategies

FinancialForce SCM

  • Notifications now auto-generated 90 days out from contract renewals – projected £100,000 saving through cost avoidance on renewal charges
  • Client renewal plan production reduced from 2 - 3 weeks to 20 minutes simply by running a report and sending to Sales Team
  • Teams now have complete confidence in contract and revenue data
  • Better payment stream from clients now so actively managing and maximizing revenue
  • Teams can better negotiate with suppliers proactively with the right information at hand - now often have more information than the vendor
  • Reference numbers are now held in the system so employees have confidence that that contract is live
  • Better insights into profit margins of support contracts; now able to back up with data e.g. Contract % over life of contracts
  • More information sharing across company so everyone can make smarter business decisions
  • More data available than ever before, driving improved efficiencies