Ridley is an Australian based high-end architectural services business providing documentation, virtual modelling, and auxiliary services that are used by the architecture and construction industry.


Products in Use: FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Microsoft Excel

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Industry: Real Estate & Construction

With better visibility comes results. We're interested in being a leader in our field and really disrupting the way in which the traditional architecture firm would approach a project. PSA has been absolutely pivotal in helping us do that.

Gareth Stewart, Business Development Manager

Business Issues

  • Unstructured processes and a system of paper, spreadsheets and ad-hoc communication created huge inefficiencies within project management
  • Lack of real-time information on project status limited in-flight decisions to correct projects going off track
  • Project accounting was a very manual process with reports that took hours to build for clients, the board and other stakeholders
  • Sales lacked insight into Services and financial data leaving them to operate in the dark

By understanding where projects are up to in real time, we can manage our project profitability unlike any other architecture firm.

Gareth Stewart, Business Development Manager

Benefits & Results

  • PSA brings Sales and Services together with one shared, realistic view of projects
  • Sales can make more informed decisions about what they are selling and what the business can deliver, Services can better scope engagements
  • PSA pivotal in providing an unprecedented level of visibility and insight into resource management, project spend and project profitability - positively impacting the bottom line
  • Predictability is key - PSA provides a more accurate picture of the future, sharpening decision making
  • Real-time visibility across all facets of the project allows team to operate more mobile and agile to support global needs across Australia, APAC and the U.S.
  • New access to real-time project data allows for quicker course corrections - improving client relationships and project profitability
  • An accurate picture of resources drives utilization rates up; staff utilized more effectively, and bench time eliminated
  • Project accounting is transformed with PSA - manual, hands-on processes are now automated, streamlined and unified making information readily available for stakeholders
  • PSA has a direct impact on fulfilling the company vision to disrupt the architectural services world and to be the leading architectural firm in their field